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Highlights: Halloween Costume Build Challenge

Thank you to the players who participated in the Halloween Costume Build Challenge! Take a look at the highlights below and congratulations to our prize winners --

X Bomb's Costume

X Bomb built an 'Among Us' themed costume!

Sky's Costume

Sky chose Jack Skellington for his costume!

EveryOneisCOol's Costume

Every built a costume inspired by the video game 'Undertale'

KoolKid's Costume

Koolkid built a costume inspired by 'Among Us'!

Wolfy's Costume

Wolfy built an awesome spooky costume!

Egg Shen's Costume

Egg built a costume inspired by Venom!

Killer's Costume

Killer came up with a creative costume combining multiple elements!

DragonBoy's Costume

DragonBoy worked hard on his costume!

Coach ChazzyBagel's Costume

Coach Chazzy built Woody from Toy Story!

Coach Trex's Costume

Coach Trex built Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story!

Coach KC's Costume

Coach KC built Sailor-moon!

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