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Highlights: Spirit Animal Build Challenge

Thank you to the players who participated in our Spirit Animal Build Challenge sponsored by Fearless & Capable -- a female-led mentorship organization supporting women and youth athletes of all sports! Take a look at the highlights below and congratulations to our three prize winners -- EggShen, KoolKid, and DarkMadr!

"The Noot Noot Penguin is a meme that is funny at first then serious at the end, and this can sometimes be my personality -- funny and serious!" Created by KoolKid

"This is Curiuos George, the monkey! Curious and funny!" Created by Xbomb

"Monkey Gorilla -- strong and playful" Created by DarkMadr

"Monkey! Playful and fun!" Created by DragonBoyy

"Big Chungus, Demogorgon, and Mike Wazowski -- Three of my favorite things right now" Created by Egg Shen

"Turtles are normally slow but this one can fly -- just like this turtle, I defy expectations" Created by ChazzyBagels

"Bear -- Independent and strong, but also loves honey and a good nap." Created by Coach Trex

"Winnie the Pooh -- Also loves honey and naps" Created by Anonymous


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