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Monster Build Challenge: Vote Now!

Ahhhh the monsters are here! Great job to our members who competed in our Monster Build Challenge -- great to see the teamwork!

Vote Now! If you're a member of ESOGA, ask your coach how to submit your vote for your favorite monster. The team with the most votes for "Favorite Monster" will win $20 per player of an in-game currency of their choice (Fortnite V-Bucks, Robux, Minecoins, Rocket League Credits, etc.).

ESOGA Membership Not a member yet? No problem! Visit to sign up today -- cancel anytime!


#1 Meet Scute! It's scary, it's cute, it's "Scute"! Meet the monster with the biggest personality and one awesome looking chair. Amazing creativity from our builders KoolKid and UnicornCupcake -- way to choose the perfect name for your monster!


#2 It's a Monster! It's a Demogorgon! Wait, is it flexing on us? Don't try to sneak up on this monster or you might get flexed on! Great teamwork from Egg Shen and X Bomb -- this monster is equal parts scary and fun!


#3 Monster Spider Golem Don't get caught in the webs when visiting this monster! Hexxars and DarkMadr teamed up to create a two-faced monster spider golem equipped with a web shooter -- hopefully you're not scared of spiders!


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