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Spaceship Build Challenge

Updated: May 3, 2021

Hey Open Rec members! This month's Minecraft Build Challenge is dedicated to space exploration! The member that receives the most votes for "Favorite" Spaceship will receive a free Turtle Beach™ Recon 200 Headset.

Spaceship Build Challenge

Ready to put your Minecraft building skills to the test? Here's your mission...

  • Build a Spaceship On April 19th, Open Rec members will be given a dedicated launch pad on our private Minecraft servers to build their spaceship!

  • Build Requirements All spaceships must be built on the assigned launch pad! Need help thinking of ideas for your spaceship? You can build your spaceship after real-life examples from NASA or SpaceX, or use example from a movie series like the Guardians of the Galaxy!

  • Build Time Open Rec members will have until May 1st to build their spaceships.

  • Rules

    • You must be an Open Rec member and have an active subscription to play. No additional fees or sign up forms necessary!

    • Spaceships must be built on ESOGA's private Minecraft servers and completed by May 1st -- ask your esports coach for help connecting!

    • No griefing! This means you are not allowed to build, edit, or destroy another player's spaceship or launch pad.

    • Players will vote for their favorite spaceship on May 3rd

    • The player with the most votes will receive a Turtle Beach™ Recon 200 Headset

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