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ANNOUNCEMENT: Esports League Update

Hey there, friends and families of ESOGA! We have an important update regarding our Esports League for our members.

What's Happening?

  • Over the coming weeks, we will be transitioning our Esports League to an invite-only Playtesting Group.

  • All current members will retain access to our private online communities and will be invited to continue playing in our Playtesting Group.

  • This new Playtesting Group will be FREE and will only accept new players by invite from an existing member, or through an application which will be made available when this new program goes live.

  • For those interested in participating in this new Playtesting Group, we will be focusing on hosting an extended monthly session FREE for each age group which will include a variety of experiences, challenges, tournament play, and an opportunity for players to share their favorite game modes with others!

  • Additional details regarding the Playtesting Group will be released in future announcements.

How Will This Affect My Membership?

  • All subscriptions fees have ended as of February 29th, 2024 for all members.

  • All regularly scheduled weekly sessions for all age groups will be ending after March 15th, 2024 and will transition over to a new schedule featuring an extended session once per month for each age group.

  • You will retain access to ESOGA's private community and communication channels with other members.

Why Is This Happening?

Since the inception of our Esports League, we have ran over 565 virtual sessions over the course of 3 years. For many of us, this provided a fun community space to enjoy the games we love and build new friendships, especially during a global pandemic. This also allowed our organization to better understand the types of experiences that players and parents seek, and support a variety of different communities, demographics, and age groups. As we look ahead now, many of our programs here at ESOGA are actively being used at universities, K-12 schools, boys and girls clubs, and many more community organizations across the United States. For us to continue growing and supporting all of our programs, we must make changes to how we operate and provide as much benefit back to all communities and organizations we serve.

Why Playtesting?

In the video game industry, Playtesting is an important process serving as a bridge between creators and players. It allows creators to gather feedback from players on gameplay mechanics, player enjoyment, and ensure that the overall experience that players have is fun and balanced. In the context of our programs at ESOGA, transitioning to an invite-only Playtesting Group represents a strategic shift towards creating and testing new programs and experiences for a variety of different games and age groups. Through this initiative, ESOGA aims to not only continue the fun experiences we have together as teammates and coaches, but to explore and collaborate on new experiences that will be used to shape the future of the esports industry -- more details to be announced in the coming weeks! Contact Us If you have any questions or feedback as we make these changes, please do not hesitate to contact our team at


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