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Animal Habitat Build Challenge: Prize Party

Join us on May 1st, 2022 at 4pm PT for the Animal Habitat Build Challenge: Prize Party. We'll be touring each build, hosting our prize giveaway, and playing some fun multiplayer games!

Prize Party Schedule

  • 3:30 pm PT - Coach Setup & Player Check-in

  • 4:00 pm PT - Prize Party Begins

  • 4:25 pm PT - Prize Giveaway

  • 4:30 pm PT - Multiplayer Games

  • 5:30 pm PT - Prize Party Ends

Prize Giveaway All players that participated in the challenge will have their name entered into the prize giveaway. The prize winner will be able to select a prize from our 🟦 RARE PRIZE POOL! 🟦 RARE PRIZE POOL

  1. 1 Month Free Esports League

  2. LED Gaming Light

  3. $20 Gift Card to Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, or GameStop

Multiplayer Games

  • Fortnite

    • Spring Days Prop Hunt

    • Team Rumble

    • Impostors

    • Color Dash

  • Splitgate

    • Contamination (Zombies)

    • Free-For-All BFB/Railgun

    • Team VIP

ESOGA Membership Want to play in our events? Visit to sign up today -- open to ages 10-12 and 13-15.


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