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Game Companies Show Support for Protests. Delay Events

Many game companies are taking to social media to speak out against the acts of injustice and racism against African Americans and Black Communities. Among those showing their support, Activision, EA Sports, PlayStation, Xbox, Riot Games, Naughty Dog, Warner Bros.Insomniac Games, Harmonix, and Bethesda have all issued statements in solidarity with our communities of color.

As the voice for change grows ever important, major game developers have moved to suspend events as to amplify the voice of those currently without. Activision has delayed the launch of their new Call of Duty seasonal content, Sony delayed a promotional event for the Playstation 5, and EA Sports has suspended a Madden NFL 21 celebration.

While some question the delays and debate the role of gaming companies engaged in protests, it is important not to forget the message... #BlackLivesMatter

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