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Highlights: Happy Holidays Build Challenge 2022

Thank you to the players who participated in the Happy Holidays Build Challenge 2022! Congratulations to our prize winners -- KoolKid and EveryoneisCool!

Special Announcement We will be hosting our regular sessions next week 12/19-12/22, but will be taking a week off 12/26-1/1 to enjoy the holidays with our families! We hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and New Year! =)

Everyone was encouraged to build a Gingerbread House & Snowman -- Here are the highlights!

MusaTheGoat's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

This was Musa's first build challenge! Musa did an incredible job adding details such as an underwater aquarium and a portal to their Gingerbread House!

X Bomb's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

Xbomb added Christmas lights to his gingerbread house and gave his snowman a fantastic pair of headphones!

EggShen's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

Egg used the 'Christmas Vacation' movie to inspire his Gingerbread house! The super bright lights and the man hanging off the roof were perfect details!

KoolKid's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

Koolkid worked extra hard on his Gingerbread house! He used candles to light up the roof and added a beautiful star on top of the tree!

Every's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

Every built a Gingerbread house complete with cute polar bears on the roof and a snowman with a copper nose!

DarkMadr's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

DarkMadr's Gingerbread house has details like a snowplow in the garage and candles as lights for his roof and for his Christmas tree!

DragonBoy's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

DragonBoy got very creative and built his very own snowman to sit on his roof, and he added colorful glass to represent Christmas lights!

RyJay's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

RyJay built a gingerbread house with candles outside and on his roof; he also decorated a Christmas tree using blocks like red stone and copper!

Coach Chazzy's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

Coach Chae's Gingerbread house looks incredible! Complete with amethyst shining on the roof and a snowman that's fit for a king!

Coach KC's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

Coach KC was inspired by other players in the realm and added gumdrops to her roof too! Coach KC also gave her snowman a fancy pink/purple scarf and top hat!

Coach Rex's Gingerbread House and Snowman!

Coach Rex built a Gingerbread house that is candy cane inspired! Coach Rex also added gumdrops to his roof complete with snow at the top!

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