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Highlights: Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest & Halloween Prize

Thank you to the players who participated in the Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest! Take a look at the highlights below and congratulations to our prize winners -- RyJay and KoolKid

Sky's Pumpkin

Sky built a pumpkin with flaming eyes!

KoolKids Pumpkin

KoolKids pumpkin has a library inside!

Dragon's Pumpkin

Dragons Pumpkin may have had a bad pumpkin pie!

EggShen's Pumpkin

Eggs pumpkin is crying happy tears!

Every's Pumpkin

Every built a Minecraft Creeper face on their pumpkin!

Coach ChazzyBagel's Pumpkin

Coach Chazzys Pumpkin had bad pumpkin seeds to eat!

X Bomb's Pumpkin

X Bombs pumpkin is super spooky and cool!

RyJay's Pumpkin

RyJays has an "eye" for carving pumpkins!

Coach Trex's Pumpkin

Coach Rex built a giant T-Rex on his pumpkin!

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