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Spaceship Build Challenge: Vote Now!

Last month's Minecraft build challenge was dedicated to space exploration! Featuring shuttles from NASA, spaceships from Star Wars, and inventive new designs -- it was a lot of fun to see the creativity from our members! Take a look at the entries below.

Vote Now! If you're a member of ESOGA, ask your coach how to submit your vote for your favorite spaceship. The member with the most votes will win a new Turtle Beach™ Recon 200 Headset!

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#1 Star Wars Spaceship Roaring engines, cockpit, functioning blasters, and all kinds of awesome! Great job paying extra attention to the details.


#2 NASA Space Shuttle and Command Center Jump in and blast off! This one features a command center, astronauts, and a detailed cockpit. We are ready for take-off, Houston!


#3 NASA Space Shuttle Clear the launch pad -- this NASA Space Shuttle is headed for the moon! Awesome design work. The flames bring this one to life!


#4 Multi-Colored Spaceship Say goodbye to black and white spaceships! We're going to be blasting off in style in this multi-colored spaceship. Great work using your creativity to the fullest! The baby cows sure love photobombing this one.


#5 NASA Shuttle and Tower Talk about amazing detail! Experience the full launch experience -- climb the tower, board the shuttle, and strap in. The thrusters are primed!


#6 NASA Saturn V Rocket

This Saturn V inspired rocket will get you to space in no time! Seriously -- this is one big rocket. We are going to need adult supervision to launch this one!


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