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Game Club is here! Sign up today!

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Hey parents and gamers, welcome to our new community game club! Visit to sign up now!

Game Club is a fun, safer way to game! Join a community that is safe, secured, grouped by age, and provides dynamic gaming experiences. Sign up now to jump into our weekly gameplay sessions, make new friends, compete in special events, and win prizes -- open to ages 10-12 and 13-15. Sessions are LIVE now! Here are the details;

  • Weekly Gameplay Sessions Each week players meet for their scheduled gameplay session hosted by an esports coach. All of our esports coaches are screened and SafeSport trained for increased safety -- pick a session or request a time!

  • Access to Private Groups by Age All of our players receive access to a private online group organized by ages 10-12 and 13-15. These groups are hosted on Discord and remain constant and secure for our players so they always have a safe place to play online -- even outside our weekly sessions!

  • Auto-moderation and Content Filtering Tired of "bad actors" and inappropriate content ruining the fun? Our players follow our code of conduct and are further shielded by our auto-moderation, content filtering tools, and secure environments.

  • Private Game Lobbies Setting up game lobbies, custom servers, and finding nice players to game with is not always easy. We take on that work so players can enjoy what they love -- to game!

  • Game List and Community Gameplay Formats We have a core list of games and community gameplay formats that we support and are always adding more! Check out the current list of games;

    • Apex (ages 13-15 only)

    • Brawlhalla

    • Fortnite

    • Minecraft

    • Paladins

    • Realm Royale

    • Roblox

    • Rocket League

    • Spellbreak

  • No Hassle Cancel anytime! We know life changes and wanted parents and players to enjoy the freedom to come and go as they please.

For more information or to sign up now, visit

We look forward to gaming with you! Team ESOGA


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