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Highlights: Secret Base Build Challenge

Thank you to the players who participated in the Secret Base Build Challenge and Congratulations to our prize winners -- DarkMadr, Dragon, and LonewolfPup!

Special thanks to our friends and families of the AMOM community for inspiring us all to support and learn from one another!

Below are our player's Secret Bases -- Here are the highlights!

X Bomb's Secret Base!

It took us a minute to find X Bombs' hidden secret entrance! It was hidden in the 'A' of ESOGA! Very clever.

Wolfie's Secret Base!

Be careful!! Wolfie's base has a secret trap! Those who go for the diamonds will fall into lava -- try going for the gold instead! Once you get through, there's a shiny grand entrance and a place to store tons of inventory!

Egg Shen's Secret Base!

Egg's secret base has a lever system that leads to a cozy room, and BONUS, there's a dragon to guard it all!

KoolKids Secret Base!

Koolkid built a base with a false door, but once you find the real door, you'll find a place to eat dinner, sleep, and look at Axolotls!

Dragon and Coach Chazzy's Secret Base!

Dragon and Chazzy set their base up right next to a huge waterfall! Their friend Darkmadr also left a sign saying their base is "Nice!!"

Every0neisc00l's Secret base!

Every built a base with an in-depth trap door system! Once inside, you'll find a cozy room to rest for the next build challenge!

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